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Course Curriculum:

  • Washington State Laws Governing Rights of Use of Force
  • Determine the Proper Use of Force When Applicable 
  • Relevant Facts About Home Invasions & Residential Burglaries
  • Situational Awareness of Your Home to Provide the Tactical Advantage - Winning the Confrontation
  • Security Measures for Inside and Outside the Home Including Firearm Storage
  • General Firearm Safety Skills
  • The Aftermath: When the Police Arrive


Live fire is here! Next Step Pistol is for shooters that have already attended a basic pistol class and are familiar with the safe handling of a firearm. Class size is limited to five students to provide one on one instruction with Chris. It will consist of classroom instruction in the morning and range time in the afternoon. As a result of attending this class, the student will be more efficient in handling a firearm and have an overall increased accuracy on target. Several more key topics will be covered. Learn from Chris’s 27 years in law enforcement and leave this class with an increased survivability in a gunfight. The cost is $200 per student and will be held at the Evergreen Sportsman's Club in Olympia, WA from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

About This Course:

This course arms civilians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to determine proper use of force, protecting your home and how to win a potentially lethal encounter. Additionally, this course discusses Washington State concealed carry laws and details regarding concealed pistol licenses (CPL's).

In this class I share my real-life experiences throughout investigations of home invasions and residential burglaries. With a strong focus on the factors that worked for and against the home owner and why.

The use of force laws by citizens in Washington State are thoroughly dissected and discussed as well in class. This will include a detailed discussion on the use of lethal force. We will also discuss the differences in justified force as it pertains to persons crimes vs. property crimes.
I have a passion about sharing the correct information to the citizens of Washington State. The content of the course has been approved by a prominent prosecutor as it mirrors Washington State laws on the use of force by citizens.

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Course Details:

  • Pre-Registration Required  $75 Per Person
  • Class Time is From 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
  • Must be 18 Years or Older
  • Note Taking Materials Recommended (pen, notebook)
  • Class Space is Limited to 25 Students / Class
  • Classes are held at Cabela's in Lacey, WA.

Lock and Load Em provides the highest-quality firearms training ensuring a safe, comfortable environment while conveying the utmost respect and professionalism. These "Ladies Only" courses are taught for women, by women offering classroom learning as well as live-fire range time.  All experience levels are welcome, bring your own pistol or borrow from the Instructor.  They also offer a great variety of many different makes, models, and calibers to help determine what pistol or revolver fits you best. Come train with the best, Lock and Load Em's highly trained and certified staff, you'll become a "Lady of Higher Caliber."

Lock and Load Em's Women's Basic Pistol Courses are held at I-5 Guns & Ammo of Lacey, Washington and the Evergreen Sportsmen's Club of Olympia, WA.  Please visit Lock and Load EM for additional information and class registration.


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FEBRUARY 23  Cabela's

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March 23  Cabela's 

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April 20 cabela's




September 21  cabela's           


October 26 cabela's


November 16 CABELA'S